Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Give it a rest

'I am willing to release the need to be right.'

The above was the affirmation on my calendar for today.  'I am willing to release the need to be right.'  That is a pretty big challenge for me.  I have spent a lot of time in my books over the years so I consider myself pretty well informed on lots of This n That. But I guess being right all the time isn't everything.  The depiction of this knight and all the swords he has collected or won off of others in battles and tournaments is a bit sorrowful and definitely lonely.  For today if I am confronted with another I will give the challenge a pass, and go along my merry way.  Who needs another sword anyway!

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot


  1. I'm trying to allow people to have their own version of truth; I only engage when they try to force their's upon me.

  2. On whose part does the idea of confrontation arise? It isn't a normal part of day to day life for the average working stiff.
    I have had two co-workers that triggered the confrontation mode. absolutely couldn't stand their attitudes, work practices, viewpoints. Oddly enough I liked both of them in off work mode.

    1. Oh to have had only two that triggered confrontation mode.