Sunday, June 10, 2018

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Messengers and Messages

The card's advice, do not ignore any messages that may arrive. 

Yesterday I watched two movies at home on my lazy day Saturday.  I don't really know why I watched either movie as they were - point and click choices.  Both movies were really sad commentaries on a woman's life and her final act of desperation, committing suicide. One set in 1912 and the other 2017.  I occasionally watch a movie here and there, but two with same the conclusion?  An unhappy coincidence or something more.  I wondered were the women victims of circumstances, carried on to a desperate conclusion or a commentary to pay attention to the things we do that may have an unhappy impact on the life of another?  Something I am sure my mind now having received will continually hypothesize over the next few days and maybe beyond.

The Linestrider's Journey Tarot


  1. any book or movie worth its paper/film will make you think afterward. Wehad a lazy Saturday also, pouring rain here. Am also going to try posting by clicking the little G+ button at the top of the blog.

    1. I don't normally watch much tv but i did yesterday, and in the mix was one movie in the early afternoon and the 2nd in the evening. Curious as that they has a commonality and yes good that it got the old noggin working over-time. It is pouring rain now so it would be a good time for another movie.