Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Passing down

The old stories, does anyone really ever share them any more?

Emperor or Father Time?  Keeper of the legends and stories.  The Emperor establishes the rules we live with, this Fairy at one time may have been an emperor, but now he is the dispossesser of information if anyone cares to listen.
How did we get here?
Where did we come from?
Who came before us?
Where are we going?
What should I do?
What is the meaning of Life?
I like this wizened fairy, instead of scepter of power or the scythe of Father Time, he has a key.  Information is the key. 
Today I will stop and listen to someone's story; for there maybe something to learn or better yet validate another.

The Fairy Tarot


  1. yesterday at the grocery store, in front of the yogurt case, a woman asked me if I'd ever tried Flips. I hadn't and told her anything with a second corner offering was candy, not food. She hung her head and said she figured that. That she was diabetic. That she'd worked at the local Ford dealership for 30 years. What her family had served for Memorial Day. Where she was going after grocery shopping. I ran into her again and the checkout and learned more. She was a woman with something to say, to anyone who would listen. (((lady)))

    1. Listening to another, even for a little bit can be act of kindness. (((Sharyn)))

  2. My husband tells me I have one of those faces that people want to tell all to. I on the other hand just think there are a lot of lonely people in the world.

    1. I have a lot of people that want to confess or tell me their stories. Sales is part of it. Previous Lifetime Careers is the more like explanation.