Friday, June 15, 2018

Best laid plans

Something is just wrong here.

Best laid plans of mice and men (and rabbits) often go awry.  The rabbit hutch has been built too small.  I can make all kind of plans and often they don't work out; like this rabbit hutch.  Someone built a structure thinking baby bunnies and got the giant sized version.  Sometimes we draft or make plans and they take a long while to get started and longer to finish and once completed the person or project is so different from the original point of projection, the design no longer works. Who I am today is different than when I started this year and by year's end, even a bit more changed. 
Before I make long term plans of a sort, best to consider if I truly think if they will work me 1-5 years down the road?

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  1. This is exactly the reason why I never have been tempted to participate in those so called "Plan you life programs" or however they might be called. Honestly, we did many years ago signed up for a saving program for our pension. We would use it to travel an/or buy a camper. Up until this day I am so grateful we could get out of it and use our money for vacations with our children.

  2. If I had a nickle... oh Carolyn, how many ridiculous hutches I've built. The dream and the reality. but I build on :)

  3. Makes me think of shrubs planted when gallon-sized that have grown far more than anticipated. There are just some things that can't be planned for.