Sunday, June 3, 2018


Valued Judgement

Detached wisdom.  Can that really be?  I suppose when I am in the thick of 'it' I can lose perspective on the situation.  As I have gotten older, a lot of that 'stuff' doesn't make much of difference or really impacts me.  I wonder sometimes when we over-think things if that could make things even messier. Is that a word, messier? more of a mess then.  Maybe the answer is to just stop overthinking everything so much.  Maybe that is the wisdom of this King of Winter (Swords) he has made it his life's purpose to be in the know, and what has he done, retreated to give his mind a rest. 

Fairy Tarot Cards - Doreen Virtue


  1. Those who are older often have more experience which can lead to wisdom, but sometimes age can lead to rigid thinking (as in my truth, is Truth). Maybe he is taking a Hermit moment to check himself. :)

    1. I can get that way sometimes. My truth is Truth, something to keep a watch on in myself.

  2. from my skewed viewpoint the figure looked just like he had an owl for a head. And my truth IS the truth :)