Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Working together

House is the caption for first card; it feels more like the Counsel Room.  A gathering place for the different leaders or chieftans to get together and have discussions.  The six shields have different patterns  and it appears that the place keeps an 'Open Door Policy' for everyone.
And the other card is Songbirds.  Who doesn't love to wake up in the morning and listen to the chirps of songbirds welcoming the day.  These three birds appear from different species and have gathered together and share their tunes, songs for the day.

So my sense is for today and actually for most days is, when getting together lets enjoy ourselves.  Though we maybe different and have different views, lets have a conversation and leave those differences at the door.  Sing praise for another and instead of suspecting their motives.  There is much to be gained from finding our common-ness and allow harmony to prevail.

CELTIC LENORMAND - Chloe McCracken  & Will Worhington


  1. Wot? not suspect peoples motives? That is my best game! :) good morning

  2. What a lovely post. And I suspect that if we took your advice to "have a conversation and leave our differences at the door" we'd find the world is full of more possibilities than problems. :)

  3. I really love how you've connected the different patterns on the shields in the house card with the variety of birds in the tree
    have a great day!