Friday, April 22, 2016


These two cards express themselves as Simple Pleasures.  A little play is good for all of us, a patch of sunshine, a field of flowers.  Simple things really, but the simple things bring me great pleasure.  With the little boy playing with his boat, the little waves are reminiscent of waves spread out on a lake when a pebble is tossed in.   My thoughts go out from me like ripples in a pond. Its like starting my day with play or good intentions - ie: GREAT another day-YAY, instead of-yuck another day, grrr.  And the cat really does look like the cat that ate the cream.

Today I am not looking for any deeper meaning.   I am going to go play in the sunshine and that will be good enough.
"Games lubricate the body and the mind." ~ Benjamin Franklin

CELTIC LENORMAND - Chloe McCracken & Will Worthington


  1. My master plan for today is 30 minutes (on a timer) play alternated with 30 minutes clean up. I've been sorting out books to sell I can no longer read and the place looks a jumble. The jumble seems to emphasize my heartache rather than show adaption. I always work faster when trying to beat the clock :)

  2. Play is like laughter - it always seems to make the day brighter and the heart full. :) Hope your day is full of both.

  3. Haha this morning I went first to the gym (play) and after that I went grocery shopping (work) I was afraid that when I would do this the other way around I wouldn't feel like doing my work out anymore :)