Saturday, April 16, 2016


"Nemo regere potest, nisi qui et regi ~ No person can lead well unless he has learned to obey."
This Emperor looks likes he was rushed from his morning breakfast to arbitrate some bit of urgent business.  Looks like he is still dressed in his morning attire and house slippers.  He grabbed a couple of his emperor props to make him appear more 'emperorish' to establish his role as the man in charge.   His gaze suggests after listening to whatever needed his attention that "you might want to stop and think about what you just said."  In todays vernacular and slang 'You're kidding me"

Another term "REALLY" comes to mind.  "Really you rushed me to listen to this crappola?"  Everyone has a story and sometimes they just need to be heard.  So for my card of the day, if someone starts a bit of rant, I will take the time to listen to them.  We all  just want to be heard and once we get it off our chest and out of our systems things seem to smooth out. 
LISTEN & SILENT are spelled with same letters, that's something to think about.

concept by Manfredi Toraldo & art by Giacinto Gaudenzi


  1. emperor props :)
    On our way up the food chain we realized the higher you get the more bosses you have...

  2. Listen & silent! what a excellent observation. I will remind this when my mother calls and just wants to be heard :)

  3. I never realized that about listen and silent either! Words to ponder...