Sunday, April 10, 2016

Well, maybe just this one time

When I first looked at card I saw the two of swords and the fox.  The chicken and the nest with the egg is apparent but was unseen at first glance.  The accompanied (lwb) describes the card as 'Attraction of opposites. Alliances, affinity, associations, cultural circles. Challenges.'  No way is this hen attracted to the fox, or is she?  Is this a case of the fox in the henhouse?

Who hasn't been led astray somewhere along the line by someone or something that was no good for us.  There have been times that I knew I shouldn't do something and did it anyway.  Definitely times when I ate something really decadent that I should not have, but yum. With the two of swords it can literally mean choosing a thought or a thing over another, and which one will I choose. The good or the naughty. This or That?

concept by Manfredi Toraldo ~ art by Giacinto Gaudenzi


  1. I think he is trying to decide what to have for dinner: the chicken or the egg :D

  2. The chicken or the egg---whichever came first. He won't be satisfied unless he has both.