Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trust your instincts

Today I have drawn two canines.  Dog and Fox and Salmon.  My first thought laying them out side by side was of the dog and the wolf in most Moon Cards and the salmon as the crayfish that emerges from the water.
The dog stands at the ready and something has caught her interest.  The fox could represents wiliness and the salmon wisdom, and it feels like the fox was startled by the leaping salmon. There is plenty of water in both cards, so for the day I might want to check in with my emotions and also my gut reaction to any situation that unfolds.

Coming back to the Moon which was my first thought when drawing these two cards, I can see the Dog and Wolf baying at the Moon and then the two pillars in the distance.  My thought is what we do during the day often follows us in to our dreams at night, or maybe our dreams at night follow us in to the light of day.  So these cards are the backside to the Moon; what is beyond the pillars.  Something more for me to think about today.  Instincts, emotions, subconscious reactions. 
There is a Full Moon tomorrow night so maybe I just need to get out and howl at the Moon.

CELTIC LENORMAND  Chloe McCracken and Will Worthington


  1. Your post made me think of something I read recently that talked about how we try to change habits (which are based in the unconscious) through rational thought (based in the conscious). :)