Tuesday, April 25, 2017

two plus two

What an enchanting card.  Of course I love the depiction, especially since there was a post last year with lots of froggy fun.  The booklet says these are toads, pretty much the same to me.  Look at them hop around with the magic wands.

The book explains the gal is a weaver and is sending her goods out to market.  Frogs and toads are talisman of good luck and fortune.  If we do what we love then I think the good luck and fortune are just happy by-products of a life well lived.
I wonder if someone kissed these frogs if they would turn into handsome princes who just happened to hop off with the magic wands that changed them or maybe they are the knitting needles of the woman and they are just having a lovely game of chase, or maybe the frogs are encouraging her to get out of the house.

When I was on vacation back in January I stopped by a lovely little shop that had a magic toad.  I have him on my desk with a couple of gold plated $1.00 coins.   Auspicious for career, maybe?   He is fun to look at.


  1. This is such a welcoming card - makes me smile just to look at it. :)
    Frogs live in the water for the most part, but toads prefer land (though need water to lay eggs in). Sort of a "take some hops but stay grounded" message?

    1. Good to know. My toad on desk is dry and can keep laying gold coins for me. Ha! Maybe I need the goose that lays the golden eggs to join my toad.

  2. sounds painful, but anything for the cause :)