Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Two - Please!

I would enjoy having lunch with this King.  Actually I think a long, relaxing lunch is exactly what is called for with all the wands energy I have been working with of late.  He is a bit different that the iconic King of Cups, no fish here, just lots of indulgent items to lunch on and bumble bees.  The King still holds his cup up, not as a symbol of power or control over his emotions, more like..."come join me."

I have a business lunch today.  Well not quite business, still I am meeting with a past client.  I can't compete with the younger class of sales agents; I am done with the hard hustle and bustle of business.  I am going to take a more relaxed pace. I met a agent that I have known for years for lunch Monday.  She holds her license but really is out of sales.  She was and is a natural - she doesn't know a stranger.  Literally if she decides to talk to someone in short order she will have found some connection, through this, that, or another.  I too was somewhat like her but since trauma I withhold so much of myself.  Fear left a long tether on me and I am always looking for a way to get back home.
I like the bees, busy little bees.  They seem to have the best jobs.  Moving from one sweet spot to another, I am sure they don't think of what they do as a job.  Bees have fallen on tough times but with a little help from Kings of Cups and lots of others they will make a come back.  So I am going to take the King's advice and relax and enjoy and the bees let me know I can do my work over lunch...

the Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura

Spirit Animals Oracle Deck - Sue Lion


  1. This is a very earthy King of Cups! I love bees; they serve themselves through gathering pollen, but also plants by pollinating them.

  2. He is that. Indulgent. I like him.

  3. wonderful card.
    "Fear left a long tether on me"
    Such a visual...