Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sit back down please

The King of Cups has made a repeat appearance.  Evidently he has not left the table and still has something more to say to me.

I do not ignore a card that has presented itself again. If I shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, mix and cut the cards and I draw the same card as the day before evidently there is more to garner.  Wasn't I a bit rude to leave the table without the king's approval and him being so gracious about it.  I thought we were done yesterday and looking at him looking at me I really can't fathom what else needs to be said.  Obviously he is in no hurry to let me know since he is intent on enjoying himself.  I can hope that whatever it is he lets me know and hopefully he takes a drink from his cup and swallows his food before speaking; I definitely don't want to be wearing bits of his lunch.
So here I sit waiting for whatever needs to be said.  The least he could do is let me cut a piece of the cake with cherries so I can enjoy myself at his table too.

the Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura


  1. I've always heard that time isn't wasted when you are enjoying yourself. :)

  2. I'd never make it through a meal drawn out with courses, life is short and I have stuff to do. Hope your patience is rewarded. Perhaps he is saying to do restaurant reviews?

    1. Kings won't be rushed. They want their due