Monday, April 17, 2017

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I have been pondering this Three of Athames (Swords) for awhile.  I have it propped on my desk trying to figure out what it is relaying to me for the day?  The front door has been left open and I don't think she expected any company while she was at market.  She lives alone and likes it that way, as I do. She has tried to secure her home with the talismans hanging around her door and barred the window?  Whoever has come to visit has let her know she has company and has left the front porch light on, still something is amiss.  Her guard at the gate (the swan) doesn't seem concerned. 

Like the gal at the door, I am apprehensive about moving forward, but what is the concern?  Still thinking on this daily draw.

The Green Witch Tarot
Ann Moura


  1. I once came who to an open door when my house had been burgled. I think she should be very careful...

  2. I wonder if someone has left that she loved (and why the swan is alone with no mate).

  3. She looks a little careworn to me. Maybe the swan is there to remind her of power and beauty within herself?