Thursday, April 13, 2017


Another King.  I guess I better listen up.  I looked back over the cards the last couple of days.  The fairy skating and the two boys making the boat, both are developing and honing their skills.  Obviously to be kingly you must spend years studying, learning, and doing things that sharpen your skills and command the respect of others.  Discipline is the feeling from all the cards.  To do a thing and do it well takes time.

As long as this king leads by example and does not try to boss me around, it's all good.

FAIRY Tarot Cards.


  1. It is good when inspiration and guidance comes from different sides. At least he wears a long garment over his stockings :)

  2. when I'm feeling bossed I flip my mind over to the emperor's new clothes. And smile 'em to death

    1. I realize who this King is! He is a father advising his daughter about a home she is buying and I am her agent. We are in inspection stage. He is in New York and out of touch with the process. I can't make dad wrong so I am struggling with a bossy king.

  3. I've always heard kings guide in what their good at (based on their suit).