Friday, April 7, 2017

Lights Camera Action

Today another Knight.  The Prince of Spring aka-Cups.  This knight is out and about, soaking up the sunshine.  He looks good, has all the right moves, and is definitely an attention getter. 

Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done now! Knights two days in a row; both calling for immediate action. I wonder what is just ahead.  Both knights are heading towards something, just ahead to the right.   Best keep myself aware and prepared.  Whew Wee, lets go have some fun.

Fairy Tarot Cards - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
Illustrations by Howard David Johnson


  1. Sounds like its time to pull on your cowgirl hat and boots! :)

  2. Or be on the look out for knights in shining armor who want to save a damsel in distress :D

  3. there are 3 or 4 decks which portray a knight riding a bunny. Funny in any context

  4. That image reminds me of the hare in the book Masquerade

    Those knights seem pretty certain of their direction - maybe follow them and see if there's treasure?