Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Second star to the right"

I wonder how many of us become what are parents wanted and expected us to become?  Do we do what they did and wanted us to do because we wanted to please them?  Do we follow in their footsteps because it was the path of least resistance instead of finding our own way?  Here we find a dad sharing drumming time.  Is drumming something this young gal wanted to do or did she go along to spend time with dad?

I am in a transitional time of my life.  Things have been changing and I want and need to find the more authentic me.  The Carolyn that I was meant to be.  There are huge parts of me that have been shaped from childhood that just don't work anymore.  So how to strip away the layers of the years to get back to the me of me? 
I think about a scene in the movie HOOK, where Robin Williams as an adult Peter goes back to Neverland to search for his children.  He is the midst of the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell is trying to convince them that he really is Peter Pan, when one of the boys walks up to Peter looking him over and straight in the eye and says "why - there you are Peter."  I sometimes too look in the mirror trying to find the lost me.   "And straight on till morning."

Journey through the Gaian Tarot - Joanna Powell Colbert


  1. It is amazing how much who we think we are is shaped by others. And usually it is something that stops us in our tracks that makes us start asking ourselves, "Is this what I believe? Is this what I enjoy?" Good luck (and have fun!) on your quest to authenticity!

  2. the total sum of my dad's advice was "if you are going to be a waitress be the best one"

    1. My dad always said "if you are going to do it, do it right." And there in lies part of the problem, what I am doing I don't enjoy it so much and it is starting to show.