Wednesday, May 25, 2016

One foot in front of the other

Wouldn't it be grand if we could keep our youthful enthusiasm for adventure, with us throughout our lives.  Most of us start out in Life with some wide eyed wonder of the world. There, out there somewhere, maybe the second start to the right, is all the wonderful things that are promised.  Then as we move on we adjust, change, conform to what society, family, and friends mold us to be.  This Fool has had to deal with some of those challenges, but caught a glimpse of  his younger self and packed his experiences up, grabbed a rose for his long years of efforts, and the blackbird is now his companion for his journey and left the rest behind.

When I first glanced at this card the song BUTTERFLIES by Norah Jones popped in my head.  "Don't go chasing butterflies, when everything you want is right here by your side. Don't go chasing butterflies, when everything you want is right here by your side." (Chorus)
What feels right for one doesn't make it right for another.   Maybe it is worth the cost to cast off comfort, companionship, and conformity and begin a new journey to find my authentic self.   I think chasing butterflies (transformation) is a excellent choice.  Nothing wrong in finding some of my youthful self and see where the adventure leads.

MARCO POLO TAROT ~Lo Scarabeo and artwork by Severino Baraldi

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  1. It looks so easy but I think it is hard to determine if something is the wish of our authentic self or if we use our A.S as an excuse to do as we please regardless the consequences...