Friday, May 27, 2016

Going and Coming

Ah its Friday.  Its the end of the work week as most know it, not me since I am self-employed.  It is also the last day for classes at most of the schools and its Memorial Day Weekend, the beginning of the summer activities.  People and things on the move. And this Knight is raising his cup acknowledging to everyone successes.

Monday I started the week with the Knight of Swords and now this Knight of Chalices.  It has been a bit of challenging work week and maybe this knight is about expressing good cheer for a job well done.  Yet when I look at both cards together it kind of feels like meeting myself coming and going.
That's the way of it sometimes.


  1. Hindsight is nearly always clearer than foresight. :)

  2. I see knights often as energy coming to the rescue, so make the most of their presence :

    1. Maybe so, but when one is heading in one direction and then the other right back at him, might be a tempst brewing? I love the cards and the imagery.