Saturday, May 28, 2016

Game of Chess

Last night I took this Marco Polo Deck and went through each card and gave it a look see.  I wasn't sure I would finish the week with the deck; as at the first of the week on Sunday I chose a placard from my laptop collection.  This morning I picked the deck up and it felt like I needed to finish the week out with the deck.  Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, and yet another Knight has presented himself.  The Knight of Wands.  More movement with action, although this rider and his horse is all about 'the show.'

Definitely change is on its way.  Three knights in 6 days.  This much movement should have me jumping this way and that with all the energy swirling in these cards. This week has been like most other weeks, yet...  There are times that you feel something is about to change; you go outside and stick your nose in the wind to see if you can catch a scent of it. These cards are that indication of change. 
My next thought is the Knight of Pentacles is the missing action card, and building on that, that might be a good thing cause then I might think of the four horsemen of  the apocalypse, and wouldn't that be a big change, like a huge Tower moment. Yikes.  Maybe nothing so dramatic, with the fourth knight it could be like the four knights on a chess board, strategy and action. 


  1. Wow, that is a lot of knights. You better lace up your hiking boots. :)

  2. Maybe the fourth Knight will calm down the other three and coordinate a beneficial strategy to come to your aid :)