Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hobby Horse

Today I chose the Horse card for the card of day.  I live across the river from Louisville KY and today is all about horses in the area with the running of the Kentucky Derby.  I will not be attending, just way to many people in town for the event and so many locals going, the crowds are overwhelming.
I don't get into horse racing like so many in the area; one reason is I grew up in Indianapolis where car racing was king of sports.  Both are media and gaming events, that when I was younger I enjoyed all of the hullabaloo.  For all intents and purposes today is a regional day off, so I am not working and my phone most likely will not ring.  The day promises to be bright and sunny so I am going to play outdoors and get my dose of Vitamin D, my hands a bit dirty planting a couple of pots of flowers, and maybe have a adult beverage and a stretch out in my lounger and take a nap. My knight card or explorer is just going to hang out in the paddock.



  1. Enjoy your day off Carolyn!

  2. the only reason I'd go would be to wear one of my beautiful hats. I'll be wearing the red one this morning as I mow the lawn :) Common sense rules!!

    1. They do love their hats at this time of the year.

  3. Looks like even the horse in the card is enjoying a sunny day to run about and do what he wishes. :) Hope your day ends with a full dose of contentment.