Sunday, May 1, 2016


Spring is in her full glory and no sense wishing for Summer to hurry along even with the promise of  getting everything I am asking for.  Yesterday I was in a class and one of the exercises the instructor asked us to do was to close our eyes and remember a smell related to childhood.  Several in class thought of  fresh cut grass and the easy days of Summertime.  As we get older Summer is just another season on The Wheel, but for children being out of school is filled with the promise of vacations, playtime, sleeping in, and for most, no classes.

I love fairies and the whimsical nature that surrounds them.  I have been working on removing an existing flower bed and replacing it with what will be a fairy garden.  I won't have to do all the weeding and to visit my fairy garden will make me happy.  This card is pretty and easy to read and I like that with all the challenging cards recently.  So it's all about the Fairies this week.  Summer will bring what it will bring and I hope is all that I am asking for but I still need to remember to live for today and not wait for tomorrow.

MAGICAL MESSAGES from the fairies ~ Oracle Cards -Doreen Virtue

A fairy garden in my home.


  1. What a cute little indoor garden!

  2. I have a fairy door on my naturescape next to the desk. You can just see a pair of wings slipping away...

  3. Everybody is enchanted with fairies lately, I have been my whole life. I remember reading about them in books as a little girl. I collect the Hallmark Christmas Fairy ornaments and hang them on my tree.