Saturday, July 1, 2017

Greylag Goose

Well the calendar has turned and half of the year has passed.  Wow, time moves along pretty quickly.  I have drawn a significator card for the second half of year.  The Greylag Goose.  Interesting as today is a National Holiday for Canada.  Goose - Canada.  Some kind of coincidence or correlation maybe?

Recently the canadian geese in the area of been out and about with their hatchlings.  There is a group of them on the college campus nearby.  I am always enchanted with new babies and sadden when I see the decline or disappearance of the them as the weeks go by; we also have a fairly large contingent of coyotes in the area. That is the way of things.
I wonder what these geese have come along to tell me. 
Don't cook your own goose
The golden egg
Line your nest

Illustrated by Bill Worthington


  1. Love those little fluffly baby geese and also the fierce protectiveness of their mother. I have this oracle too and although I don't use it very often I do love it :)

    1. Here the snapping turtles and herons get many of our goslings.
      I think that migration symbolism would be beneficial to remember; it's not always wise to stay in one place, especially mentally.

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    3. I found this deck at a used book store. I don't use it much either but it called to me this morning. Parents of the gosling are very aggressive and protective.

    4. The University campus also has a really big pond so the turtles might get some of those babies too. And thanks Bev for the migration prompt. I am stuck in a murky place and need to move along.

  2. as my brain cells fall off with no renewal, I find myself staying in one place mentally because I worry I won't be safe or will fail in another area. It is an awful place to be but the alternative coffin isn't fetching either. (((gosling Carolyn))

    1. I too am familiar with those places. It is becoming more difficult for me to show homes because of unfamiliar terrains. Soon stairs will be too much. Then I guess I will migrate to something else.