Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Rule of Three

I have drawn the Three of Swords today.  This makes the third card this week numbered three. 
omne trium perfectum.

How many times do we hear and see that things come in three?  A lot I guess. The Holy Trinity, The Triple Goddess, The Rule of Three, Deaths, Musketeers, Pigs, Bears.
Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!
When looking at cards sometimes the coincidences are what I look to to reveal the story or inclination and sometimes we have to look to see what is missing.  This week the three of wands, pentacles, and now swords have made an appearance but what of the cups.
Fire, Earth, Air.  I think I need to see where the Water could come into play to bind the three other elements.

The Linestrider's Journey - Siolo Thompson


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  2. Sorry, I meant to say: Perhaps to wash away the tears this card might cause?

  3. Maybe since it s triplicity with no water I don't need to shed a tear?

  4. major appliances
    I wish they'd still taught latin when I was in school, so many beautiful words

  5. You're drawing threes and I'm drawing majors. Two together create a third.