Sunday, July 16, 2017


I did it my way.

I wonder why so many throughout history have needed to have a monument to themselves?  Fearful of passing into nothingness or to let others know they were here?  Maybe a bit of both and come to think of it, most us do the same when we have a headstone placed on our graves.  Decades pass into eons and soon no one remembers or cares, well maybe a few historians and philosophers.
I like many in this day and age am opting for cremation.  Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust.   I came, I did, and now I have moved on.  I guess it's the moving on the so many of fearful of. 

The LINESTRIDER'S Journey  - Siolo Thompson


  1. I'd prefer to fertilize a tree than be 'laid to rest' in a casket!

  2. one of my aunts at Friday's funeral said "I've left Ted everywhere". Going some place new? Take some of Ted. Some place they enjoyed together? Take some Ted. I can picture little snack zip locks lined up on the mantle.

    1. I pretty much did that with my parents ashes. My sister in law was very unhappy with my decision but that is what Dad wanted and Mother said "wherever he goes I go."