Sunday, July 2, 2017


Wiley Coyote.  Here is one of the coyotes that I mentioned yesterday that had been feasting on the geese and their new brood of chicks.  No abundance of feed for her today.

I think I can learn a lot from this coyote and almost all of Natures family members.  They live in the moment.  Back in the Spring the coyote didn't think to herself, I need to stockpile some of these geese for winter feed.   She ate what she needed when the opportunity was presented and that was enough.  Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.  I read recently that depression is regret of the past and anxiety the fear of the future, and I am guessing this coyote experiences neither of those emotions. 

"Almost always, what a man had in the beginning would've served him. The need for newness can make him wreck his life if he doesn't grow wise to it."   Squeaky ~ The Language of Trees - Ilie Ruby

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  1. The 'need for newness' is what so many use to try to fill that emotional void. (Great quote, by the way.) No wonder Amazon does such a great business.

    1. I believe you mentioned the book 'The Language of Trees' so I put on my list and picked up at library and started reading last night. That line I quoted really made an impression on me so I wrote it down to keep for reference.