Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Polar Opposites

I have drawn another Winter's card.  My draws these last couple of days are bouncing between Summer and Winter.  Maybe the message for me is balance. To all things there is a season.

What a magnificent being is the Polar Bear.  I wonder how long they will remain with us on Planet Earth.  I fear their time to leave is closely approaching.
I read the other day that there is a portion of the ice shelf in Antarctica that is breaking away; estimates are it is the size of Delaware, and still we have the naysayers of climate change. The polar bear does not reside in the frozen south, but with the possibility of more fresh water released from the frozen ice in the south, how long will it take to effect the opposite side of the World?

NATIVE SPIRIT Oracle Cards - Denise Linn

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  1. "the naysayers of climate change" They should live the life of an ice bear for a few weeks. I wonder what they woudl say then.