Thursday, October 20, 2016

Watch where you step

We are what we do.
We do what we are.

This person doesn't want to change.  Just now I am thinking of the advice the Emperor wanted to give me yesterday.  Sometimes we just have to go through the trials and errors of our own to figure it out.
Just about a month ago on September 22 with Equinox, I drew a spread and the center card was the Seven of Wands expressed a bit differently, so I think I need to give this card a bit more consideration today as it pertains to my day to day things during the Autumn.  I wonder why she/he has chosen to wear different shoes?   Haven't figured that one out yet.  Maybe the different shoes goes back to figuring out those things that work or don't work for me - trials and errors.

                                                                  The Autumnal Spread

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot
The Gaian Tarot


  1. The shoe thing is interesting. Reminds me of jumping up and dressing quickly without worrying about what one has on. The two Sevens seem to have a different focus, one defending and one hammering out what she is creating.

  2. The shoe thing reminds also about how many single socks I have in my drawer
    Not wanting to change... I often read this card as defending my own space. I wonder how these two aspects interact..
    In your case: maybe in this card you're defending time and space to create

  3. different shoes is one of Waite's things I think.