Sunday, October 2, 2016

Let me think about it

Whenever I hear of some new bit of information, I have the option to accept, reject, or assimilate it in to my collective consciousness.  Younger, I soaked up all the new bits of this and that but as the years roll on most of what comes across as "new information" is just ignored.

Here it seems I have more information or news that is on its way to me.  I am fairly sure that I have enough intel to make the informed decisions that suit me.  I turn off the local and national news more often than not. Magazines and newspaper are filled with advertisements and scandal.  As I age I am 'told' to keep learning to keep the wheels in my head turning but that is not the same as mental discipline.  All those self-help books are just repetition with different by-lines.  The only thing that is worth listening to are updates on family and friends.

I am grateful that I can read and write. I am also grateful that I still have the mental acuity to dismiss most of the hyperbole.

THE SACRED CIRCLE TAROT -Anna Franklin and Paul Mason


  1. Your post reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Terry Prachett: “The problem with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and putting things in it.”

    1. That is a good quote. Going to save that one.

  2. my mom was an avid puzzle solver, all kinds, she could whip through a whole book full in a day. Didn't help her at all. I'm taking it all with a grain of salt, as I've already lost most of my memory.