Saturday, October 8, 2016

Give it a day

What a difference one card to the next card in the sequence, or from one day to the next.  How can these symbols of disc or pentacles be so completely different?

I drew the 7 of Discs again today and my perception of the image hasn't really changed in the last two days. I went looking for the 8 of Discs for comparison, and since it is  the eighth day of month it seemed reasonable to see what may follow the 7 by viewing the 8. The images are very different and the 8th disc is incomplete, or seems to be an unfinished disc. Best I got is each day begins anew and what we scribe on the our daily chart is all left up to us. 
I am grateful for each new day to see what it beholds.

THE SACRED CIRCLE TAROT - Anna Franklin & Paul Mason


  1. I try to be too. it is a perfect intent to wake up with :)

    1. I think I need to insert your Joy Card in the mix to finish off that 8th disc.

  2. One image is of night and the other during the day (though cloudy). I suppose our perception and clarity is affected by things.

  3. Your right, the shadow side does effect perception.