Saturday, October 29, 2016

Flights of fancy/fantasy

Dreamland Express

There are times I awaken from a dream that is so vivid and full of action that I wonder is it a fantasy, a remembrance, or a bit of hodgepodge mixed up from my subconscious.  What feeds our dreams - our imaginations; books, films, Facebook, billboards, tv, self indulgence, or our own narcissism?
We read so many articles and accounts of how the subconscious does not distinguish from what is real or imagined, to it, it is all real.  If we tell ourselves it is real, it does become real.  I read accounts of the placebo effect all the time these days.  I do lots of affirmations to help me shore myself up, physically, mentally, spiritually.
I am not sure,  but there are times I want to stay in that dreamland state and become sadly disappointed when I have to get up to pee and re-enter the now.

I am grateful for my imagination, long may it serve me.

The Marco Polo Tarot - LoScarabeo  ~ artwork by Severino Baraldi


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