Monday, October 31, 2016


The other day I had a black bird fly in front of my card.  A crow most likely since in this area I don't think we have Ravens.  Similar birds, though the Raven is a bit larger.  Then yesterday on the show Sunday Morning, they had a feature on the Raven. So today being All Hallows Eve I thought it appropriate to read more on the Raven.

Healing, Initiation, and Protection are the descriptive words use in the accompanied book of The Druid Animal Oracle.
Possibly the ending of one thing and the beginning of another is also a prophecy of the Raven.  With that interpretation many believe the Raven is an omen of death, especially since the bird feeds on dead things.
 Maybe a reading of Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN is in order today, although I remember it long and tedious; the loss of a loved one, nevermore to return.  Maybe that is why so many associate the raven to death. 

Today I will remember those that have moved on and left the Planet.  I am grateful for the time I got to get to know them and love them. 

Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm


  1. death of something we don't need anymore? Think of him as the raven clock on the Munsters show...which is always good for a laugh on this day

    1. We can all use a good laugh. Be well - and may your day be filled with all treats and no tricks.

  2. I love crows, they are such smart birds. They are great guards too - always cawing when there is something or someone out of place.