Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Youthful energy in abundance.  Watching small children jumping, bouncing, running all over the place, I have often remarked, as others have too,  'it would be fabulous to bottle that energy and use some it for ourselves.'

This Page has heard the call of something beyond her/himself.  The higher calling to do something with all that energy.  I notice the duality in the card in the presence of the four elements in pairs.  Two bits of fire, two discs or pentacles, two dragonflies for water, two wisps of smoke for air.
A lot of days I have noticed when I draw the Page of Wands my intuition is heightened.  I sense more that just the normal day to day things that surround me.  Ether and Earth, again duality that harkens the images of The Magician and The High Priestess.  Today I have a feeling something opens up for me and the energy of this Page will help me along the way.

I am grateful for my intuition, it has helped me make some really good choices.

The Sacred Circle Tarot


  1. Curious about the dragonflies on this card. :)

    1. I also saw them as messengers of the Goddess.

  2. With this Page I always get a bit over protective: don't climb too high, don't run too fast, don't burn yourself! Aah, I can hear my mother talking now! I wish I was raised a bit more adventurous an less inclined to avoid every possible danger.

  3. Me too! I have lots of fire elements in my birth-chart that wants me to be more adventurous, but those no no no and be careful and the world is out to get you tunes still play in my head. I have lots of adventures in the books I read.

  4. Our adventures are our quiet time now, when we want, where we want. There are many good parts to age.