Friday, October 7, 2016


Life is always about choices.  Yes or no, here or there, or a bit of this or that.  These three cups stand at the ready for me to fill them as I please.   What's your choice Carolyn?   The cups are framed in a splay of lavender, to relieve me of any anxiety I may have about my choices. 

My Mother loved to sing little ditties. Lots of them were non-sensical bits of  rhythmic tunes.  I still hear them to this day.  Today's card reminds of one -
"Lucky lucky lucky me, I'm a lucky son of a gun,
I work eight hours
I sleep eight hours
That leaves eight hours for fun."

Maybe that is what these three cups bring to me; a remembrance of what to fill my cups with - work, sleep, and play.  Pretty easy and simple.

I am grateful for easy breezy days and remind myself to always say thank you, whether my cup runneth over or not.

The Sacred Circle Tarot


  1. I think the "easy" days (where nothing really bad or great happens) are often overlooked. Your expressed gratitude was a good reminder for me!

  2. Easy breezy days. Today was one of those of me and Like you I am grateful for it :)

  3. Those were the days my friends, we thought they never end...

  4. Triquetra - a new word for me! The power of three - work, sleep, play so gobsmackingly simple so easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder to play :)