Tuesday, October 18, 2016

trick or treat

Such an iconic figure, The Devil.   So many things and situations attributed to the symbolism. Restrictions, limitations, excuses, weakness, evil, debauchery.  I was introduced to the devil in my youth through my Catholic upbringing.  He holds no sway with me now.

When I see the word devil I automatically think of the word reversed, lived.  I wonder is that how this figure was named.  Someone sometime back in history thought how can we control the masses?  Through mystification of course and who or what can we scare them with to keep them from living their own lives.  Living - lived - devil.  Within the word devil is lie and lied.  The devil is a lie.
We can also find vile, evil, veil, vie, live and die.
He didn't make a mess of it, he didn't make me do it,  he isn't responsible for the details, and the disguise he supposedly wears is just us being human.  So we can make a mess of things, doesn't make us bad.

I am grateful for my early education.  Heaven and Hell played a big part of the those years of study.  Now I choose.



  1. A really bizarre way to keep people in fear. Of course people saw the workaround.. once I'm dead it won't matter, dig in while the sun shines ;)

  2. Devil and hell: a man made horror story to manipulate people.