Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pennies from heaven

Are there truths about ups and downs?  What goes up must come down.  How is it that some people seem to be more lucky or live in harmony with the world around them than others?  Is there a tally sheet that the Universe has?

Age old questions that most of us think about and ask ourselves from time to time.  Some of the 'teachers' tell us that we are here to just enjoy ourselves, to immerse ourselves in our humanism.  Kind of hard for people who don't have two pennies to rub together.
Sometimes I get in the mindset of lack and then I look around and see how much I have and how blessed I am.  Nope not a millionaire maybe closer to a hundredaire since accident but I do really well, besides you can't take it with you.
That reminds me; collecting pennies for Unicef when I was a little girl.  Usually around Halloween we got those little white cards with slots to load and line up pennies for the poor.  Now instead of giving pennies away I collect them off the streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. All for the elusive good luck that I keep looking for.

I am grateful for loose change.  I have some I am going to roll up today and treat myself to a new blouse.  Thank you very much for those tossed pennies.

Rider Waite-Smith Tarot


  1. Completely forgot about collecting coins for Unicef at Halloween... that brings back some memories.

  2. Your luck is enfolded in your mind and heart and well done for that. We went to the beach last week, and I saw a man with a metal detector when we went down to the water. When we came back out there he was still so I asked him how he was doing. He said "2 pennies!" We laughed and high 5ed, such good luck, acknowledged.

    1. All in all I am a really lucky gal. So I don't complain too much. I count myself lucky finding any kind of change. Don't want your pennies - I will take them.

  3. Often I am happier with a dime found on the street than a return on my banking account.
    I hope you'll find a beautiful blouse :)