Tuesday, August 7, 2018


This exploding volcano is like a Tower, though I think a Tower moment is when something external affects our lives.  This is a  self-created 'tower' moment.  We have all had those moments when reason is lost and we 'just blow our tops' - well at least I do.  It has been many years for me to have such an event. The massive Tower event in 2012 that I experienced changed my landscape.  Since then the "Pele" within me has been dormant, which I prefer, but...there is pressure building in my core.
Volt is within volatility, maybe I will just have a volt bolt tower moment.

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  1. May you channel all that energy in a positive direction.♥

  2. I used to have a hair trigger temper, spent most of my life standing on my tongue. Somewhere I actually learned to not sweat the small stuff. And in truth that was all I was ever mad about. Nothing worth the effort of the blowback

    1. Sometimes it is done to see what happens. Nothing like stirring the pot.