Sunday, August 12, 2018

Focused efftort

Focused effort is what the description given by the accompanied lwb.  I first looked at the this Three of Wands as someone determined to unbind themselves, the struggle to be freed of others constraints.  I guess that would take focused effort.  I actually did a reading last night with this deck and the focus point was this Three of Wands covered by The Nine of Coins.  Focused effort for individual security or accomplishment, makes sense. 

The Fountain Tarot is a new deck for me.  Looking through the cards I think I am going to like this deck.  A bit more modern and based on the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot which is my preferred deck. Lots of geometry and soft images.  There is an extra card added to the Deck, A Major named 'The Fountain'  (Be)- Oneness, Cosmic Clarity- Ether

The Fountain Tarot
Created by Jonathan Saiz, Written by Jason Gruhl, Designed by Andi Todaro  - Roost Books


  1. I was impressed with the booklet that came with this deck, particularly the keywords given for each card.

  2. focused effort can change the world. are we ready? I doubt it, humankind would rather stumble along.lovely image