Friday, August 10, 2018

Ostara and Equals

Spring Equinox.  I wondered why The Spring Equinox, a long way off, or quite a bit behind me, has to say to me.  Yet wait, in the Southern Hemisphere it is late Winter and Spring's promise is in the air down there. The longer I look at Ostara I see balance and thinking she maybe the twin of Justice.  With the Spring Equinox there is balance, equal amounts of day and night time, so it might be something to consider.  What I do with that consideration I am not sure?
If something appears out of whack or just upside down to my way of thinking, could be just right to someone on the other side of the World.  Perspective of time place and happenstance.

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  1. I wish perspective wasn't just the gift of age. I could have used perspective in my youth. Many times!