Friday, July 6, 2018

Something new

Hopefully I will get a glimpse of something new today.  Put a little pep in my step. This stretch of hot weather is dragging me and everyone around down.  Mid nineties and high humidity.  We do get a little break for the weekend when the humidity tapers off for a few days.  Maybe it is a gestation time here?  I will look for a burst of something new today.  Ace of Wands, yes I will take a little of that, thank you!

The Gaian Tarot

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  1. Rob checks the two Albanys and Paducahs weather every night. Somewhere in time there is a comedian whose punch line was 'I couldn't live like that'. :) wish I could remember who it was.
    I send good thoughts that what tumbles out of the egg is helpful rather than one more mouth/idea to feed.