Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Agree to Disagree

Five of Swords, again. I inserted back in deck  and asked, what and where?  Work. Well of course. Yesterday there was an instant at work, of conflict that I almost gave into a full bout of disagreement. I thought of the Five of Swords draw and just gave a little nip and left it. Today I think it will rise again and I have to decide whether the work I do is worth my peace of mind or the security I think the job offers. 
The thing is if I keep putting up with nonsense to get to the 65 finish line, will I even like or know  myself when I get there? 

The Gaian Tarot


  1. huge conflict. I once mulled every day over quiting a job I once loved. After about 6 months I gave a months notice, plenty of time for them to get someone else. It felt so good I wanted to do it again the next day :) They hadn't even advertised by the time I left.

    1. Something to think on. Not many options left this late in the employment game.