Thursday, July 12, 2018

Simple Start

We all need something to dance about.  I just hope her dance is not premature.  Good news goes a long way, but. After the Five of Swords the last couple of days, a bit of good news will be nice, though I will be a bit hesitant to get up and dance.  Let all the 'ships' come in and then the dance can begin.  For today I will hum a happy little tune.

When I looked at this three it brought to mind a campfire startup.  Three twigs upright in a trine position; joined at the top with dry leaves at the base.  A good way to start a fire and when caught then you can place the long burning logs.

The Gaian Tarot


  1. Perhaps the dance could be about easing stress rather than celebrating prematurely. :)

    1. Dancing would go a long way to stress reduction.

  2. I knew I was finally getting better when I realized I was humming one day. Xaviar and I love to dance to Pink Cadillac