Sunday, August 6, 2017

Work and Play

I believe this knight's journey is back to a day when being out and about and riding his horse was more enjoyable.

Can I still capture some of my youthful exuberance?  Is there time? Do I have the means or the energy?  Watching children play with all their boundless energy, I and others often state "I wish I could bottle some of that energy and use for myself."  Once upon a time, many suns ago I too had that seemingly inexhaustible sense of magic and marvel.  Maybe like the knight I need to travel to days gone by and begin my search.

Artwork - Severino Baraldi


  1. I'm not sure I even knew how to have Fun until I had my red hat chapter for four years. I've never laughed so hard and so long in all my previous life. I'd like to think some of that ability for pure fun remains.

  2. I have spending a bit too much time on my own, like the knight on his solo journey. Time to seek some others that can help me find my laugh.