Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The companion booklet to the cards gives us The Cupids of China, the god of harmony and the goddess of union.

The card brings to mind children and life long relationships, most likely since I am thinking life long, would be siblings.  I had four sisters and two brothers growing up.  A couple of others that didn't make it and and a brother and sister that left the planet some years back. None of us got along that well as children and those of us that remain don't get along all that well in these later years.  Funny that.
Not much harmony and union then, now, and the time in between.

The CHINESE Tarot Jui Guoliang


  1. Sometimes we find our "real" family among those we call friends

  2. I agree with Ellen - sometimes 'found families' work out better than those we have blood ties with.

  3. I'm surprised parents ever have more than two children, after seeing how that first two get along. There were four of us, all five years apart. Too far apart to have anything in common as kids.