Sunday, June 25, 2017

What you bring to the table

It takes more than luck to bring things to fruition.  This lovely couple are celebrating the harvest that they have brought in.  It took skill and lots of work to bring them to this place.

There is a big difference between luck and chance.  Chance happens and is mostly a random occurrence.  Luck is a sequence of happenings that either opens up opportunities or denies them to us.
By chance I was driving down the road and saw this local fruit stand and I was lucky they had these lovely apples and pears.
Lucky that.

I think I will run by the supermarket and get some apples and pears and make a tasty cobbler today.  Yum.

The Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura


  1. It does indeed require skill and and although we were eager to put in the work, we didn't have any luck with our apple tree this year. First the frost destroyed a lot of our applle blossems and next the tree became infested with aphids

  2. Our apple tree doing great but the plum doing nothing. I keep fighting k off with the shears as I believe it takes six yearsto fruit. Another thing I heard was to hammer a nail in a tree which isn't fruiting...