Monday, June 12, 2017


Equanimity, now there's a word we don't hear so much.  Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

'The mind and body each affects the well-being of the other.  Regular meditation is an excellent stabilizing influence. Here are some meditative thoughts to help you to achieve a state of equanimity.
* May I be steady in this period of change.
* May I be present in this period of difficulties.
* May I stay centered in the heat of the moment.
*May I be free from obsession with the past or future.'
 ~ this was from the back of the card.

Today if I encounter a challenging moment or situation, I will remind myself of this mantra as I count to ten.

This is card from a little meditation deck that I found at a yard sale last year.  No author is noted on the cards and there was no box or booklet.  So I thank the unknown author(s).


  1. Great advize! Just before reading your post I was actually trying to meditate but: my dog wasw whining and barking, my mobile phone rang, my house phone rang three times and the neigbors had a lot to talk about (loudly)
    A perfect way to pracitice equanimity I think :D

  2. steady present centered free. probably the best advice we could give ourselves. if I've calmed my outer world, I'm left with my inner world. Cripes. Steady present centered free. If only

    1. Idk, the inner terrors are sometimes much worse.

  3. I love Jack Kornfield's definition of equanimity:
    "Real equanimity isn’t indifference. It’s the capacity to be present with your whole being and not add fuel to the fire."