Monday, June 19, 2017

nine-ten a big fat hen

Today I have drawn the Nine of Wands to quite possibly see what happened just before the ten of wands yesterday.  If I see the cards following a time-line between the Ace and the Ten, then pondering the card before the card of the daily draw or a reading just might help me conclude my interpretation of the Ten of Wands yesterday.

This Magician's apprentice is very protective of the wands in his care.  There are actually ten wands counting the one in the cup, which is still soaking up the magic potion the Magician has made to enchant the wands. It takes courage and strength to watch over these magic wands (and fear that the Magician might turn me into a toad.)
Add to the tense situation are the mole and the fairy.  Helpmates from above and below?  I believe these wands are the ten wands of yesterday that are being carried to the Stone Circle for the Summer Solstice Rites.  Together they are things not yet finished before I celebrate the coming of a new season.  Finish up what has been started so I can continue on the Fool's journey.

The Green Witch Tarot -Ann Moura


  1. I love the idea to begin the next half of the year with a clean slate I hope you'll get yours things sorted out before that too. I just realised: days are getting shorter soon!!! :D

  2. go catch on the cup. I suppose it could be a paint brush, but it is more fun to think of it as a wand in the making, perhaps the wand that broke the traveler's back.

  3. He looks like he's going to swat that fairy if she tries to make off with any of his wands!

    1. He is definitely keeping an eye on her.