Saturday, June 24, 2017

Green witch

I am thinking this is Ollivander's niece.   She has selected the wood for the wands and has carved them, bringing out the best feature in the tree branches.  Now she is preparing the magics to reside within the wand.  There are obviously lots of nature fairies surrounding her to assist.

There is beauty living and making a living in the forests.  There is magic in the mists.    Life is simpler.  I might even find a stone circle or a fairy hill hidden amongst the trees
Life and can be as hard or easy as I make it.  Maybe a trip to the local park and sit a spell in the woods is called for today.

The Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura


  1. If given a chance, nature will renew itself; if we allow it, it can renew us too.

  2. Nothing is a energizing and reinvigorating as some time spend in nature. Thank you for reminding me of the importance to be outside
    It was so hot here lately that it wasn't possible enjoy the outdoors but now it is much cooler.

    1. It has been unseasonable warm here as well July weather most of June, we do get a bit of a break for the next week. Time to go out doors and star gaze.

  3. I hadn't noticed the mist in that card before. Good observation! We're going out walking in the woods today. Waving at you from here.