Monday, June 5, 2017

Razzle Dazzle

Knowing and not doing something is worse than not knowing at all.  I'm not sure that is a direct quote from someone, but we hear the principle in business all the time.  Training and not implementing the new information is wasted time and potential. 

I have never quite agreed with the images of the Two and Three of Wands.  Fire is energy, movement, creativity.  After the immense burst of energy in the Ace we are just going to stand around and wait for something to happen; I think not.  Most Wands numbered cards are in movement, except the two and three. The character in the nine gives us the result of too much or the wrong kind of movement.  This gal should be running, dancing, pole-vaulting with her wands; at the very least her hair should be standing on end with the infusing of the Ace's energy. 
I will take my own advice and go forth and do something with my day.  Get out and about.  I have a new client to meet in a few hours and I am going to make the most of our meeting.

The GODDESS TAROT - Kris Waldherr


  1. Is it better to have risked everything and lost than not tried at all and wonder what if? It can be a hard choice sometimes.

  2. I'll bet this girl envies you enthousiam. She might be in need of some more Fool energy

    1. She should be 'lit up' following right after the ace.

    2. goodie goodie, a new client to shout at lol