Sunday, June 18, 2017


I have been pondering this draw of the Ten of Wands for a good part of the day.  I get a different feel for the scene every time I look at it.  The Fool on her way to the top of cliff and maybe the squirrel will be her trusted companion instead of a little dog.   Maybe a nod to the burdens we carry and the friends that are there to help us on the way.  Another thought was a path less traveled but obviously the path up the mountain side has been well used.  The booklet gives the possibility of one who is a micro-manager, someone who prefers to do all the work because others are not trusted to get the job done.

 My most recent observation is the preparations to be done before the Summer Solstice.  I am drawn to the Stone Circle that appears to be glowing with power, so too is the time of the Summer Solstice.  Maybe those are magic wands carried to the Circle for rites to be held on the Summer Solstice, this coming Wednesday.  Those ten wands might be the things or tasks I did not get completed in the first half of the year and I am still carrying around.  With all these maybes I have some further contemplation before the true meaning reveals itself to me.  I need to finish my climb and stand in the glow for enlightenment or a revelation.

The Green Witch Tarot - Ann Moura


  1. Squirrels are known for balancing play with busyness; I hope he will keep her entertained for the rest of the journey!

  2. try this 10 of wands :)
    from my new Shakespeare deck